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About Jharkhand

Jharkhand was marked out of Bihar in 2000. The state is abundant in natural resources and accumulates approximately 40% of the cumulative mineral wealth of India. It’s a home of 38,593,948 people.

1. The state has abundant Mineral resources mainly iron ore, coal, mica, limestone, graphite, etc. As we mentioned earlier around 40% of entire mineral resources in India.

2.Ranchi is the capital of the state and it is famous for the waterfalls. And it is getting funding for becoming a smart city.

3. Forests and woodlands take 29% of the state which is the highest in India.

4. Jamshedpur in Jharkhand is the 1st engineered industrial city in India.

5. The tribular expression of Jharkhand is similar to the Harappan civilization(Indus Valley Civilization).

6. It has the biggest Steel Plant in Asia and you should feel proud if you live near to it.

7.Jamshedpur has an approximate literacy rate of 85.94% which is more than the national average that is 74%. On a general note, you can find more civilised people here.

8. Jamshedpur is known as the industrial capital of Jharkhand got the reputation of “Pittsburgh of India.”

9. Dhanbad is the Coal Capital of India. It is famous for so many things that you just name and Jharkhand is likely to be having the best of it.

10. India’s largest flag 493ft high is waving in Ranchi with its full glory. This flag is the largest on the tallest flagpole in India.

Even with so many interesting facts, the state of Jharkhand attracts the least visits and tourists in India but take our word you will not regret the visit!

The natural beauty and modern marvels will leave you amazed!